How To Pick Your Tattoo Artist | Atlanta Tattoo Shop

Here at Gate City Tattoo we have a few tattoo artist in house that work by either appointment or walk-on bases. So what is a walk-in tattoo and what is an tattoo appointment?

A walk-in is someone who either calls the shop the day they want to get tattooed and asks if there is any available time by anyone. That same person can also just drop by the studio during business hours and ask if there is any available time by anyone.


An appointment is made by someone who knows they want to get tattooed by a particular person on a certain day at set time. Refer to our other published article: How to make a tattoo appointment.

WE ACCEPT BOTH - when time allows.


We always have our artist portfolios available in our client lobby for clients and potential clients to view. Our artists do their best to keep their portfolios up to date and current. We will always have artists portfolios available on our website and we also have current pieces done by the artists on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Our social media pages have direct links to the artists so you can view their social media pages more intimately.


So! You have seen the website portfolios, you have scoured through our social media pages, and you have stalked the artists social media pages... now how do you pick?! They are all so amazing!

  • Think about the tattoo you are wanting to get. Did you see similar line work, color work in the tattoos you looked at on our website and on the social media pages?

  • If you really don't know what you are looking for in the portfolios and social media pages, whose work do you like? Which portfolio really stood out to you?

  • Still unsure? Call us at 470-575-7408 or email us at with your tattoo ideas and we can point you in the right direction.



Our goal as a tattoo studio in Atlanta is for you to get the best tattoo possible. Any of our tattoo artists are available for a FREE consultation during the week starting at Noon. During this tattoo consult you can discuss your ideas and get to know the artist. From there you can set an appointment or if they feel another tattooer in our studio would be better for your design they will introduce to you that tattoo artist.

Each of our tattoo artists have their own specialties; however, they are able to tattoo any tattoo you may conceive. Just because an artist may introduce to you to another artist in our studio doesn't mean they can't tattoo your design they just know the strengths of the other artist. By no means do you have to go with that other artist. Our artists are well rounded and experienced.

Gate City Tattoo is here for your tattooing needs and to help you achieve the tattoo you have been dreaming of.