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We LOVE our walk-in clients! You are always welcome to call the Atlanta tattoo studio and ask for the availability for walk-in tattoo time. However, if you want to guarantee the time, date, and particular tattoo artist you want then we highly suggest that you schedule an appointment to get tattooed. Here are the steps to follow to successfully make a tattoo appointment in our downtown Atlanta tattoo studio.

1. Pick your artist! You can look through the artist portfolios or you can come into the studio and look at the portfolios in the lobby. You can email our artists directly from their portfolio pages on our website. You can also contact the tattoo studio directly from our contact page on the website.

2. Make sure you have reference photos! You must have at least 3 reference photos for your artist to look at. Even if your tattoo is a tiny heart we still suggest 3 reference photos. The 3 photos examples could be color, body placement, and style. Another example could be 2 references for color and another for style. How about this one, 1 for color, 1 for size, and 1 for placement. The more information we have to go off of your ideas, the better we can all get on the same page to turn your idea into a long lasting-tattoo.

3. Come in for a consult! You can call us to schedule your consult appointment. Consults generally last about a half hour and are ONLY available at NOON everyday. Consults are free, are the time to go over your reference photos and to trace the area of the body that is going to get tattooed. The consult gets you ready for your tattoo appointment. Consults are for the client who is ready to make their tattoo appointment and the client will need to leave a deposit for the tattoo appointment to at the end of the consult.

4. Be ready to leave a deposit for your appointment. One sitting tattoos (smaller tattoos) need a deposit of 60.00. For larger tattoos the deposit will be at least of 100.00. The tattoo studio accepts cash or credit cards for these deposits. Clients will also fill out a deposit for tattoo form. You can view the tattoo deposit form HERE.

The deposit DOES come off the cost of the tattoo. Designs are not drawn for clients without a deposit in place for an appointment. The drawing process is free of charge to clients.

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. There is a 24 hour cancellation process to reschedule your appointment. If 24 hours are not given, you lose your deposit and will have to leave another deposit to make another appointment.

5. Make sure you have your identification! The identification examples are a passport, driver license or state issued I.D. card. The state of Georgia requires a valid form of identification to go along with your paperwork. We can not schedule a tattoo appointment without the proper identification, nor will we continue with your consult.

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Keep in mind that all Atlanta tattoo studio policies are different, if you have any questions about our studio policies you can email us at or call the studio directly at 470-575-7408.


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