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We have talked about how to pick your tattoo artist HERE, but we should probably go a bit further and discuss how to pick a tattoo studio. Picking the tattoo studio where you get tattooed is just as if not slightly more important than picking your Atlanta tattoo artist.

Know what you want. This may seem like a silly first step, but I assure you that it is not. Not all artists specialize in the same kind of tattooing. Some artists are better at lettering than others. If you are looking for a portrait tattoo you wouldn’t go to a traditional tattooer, you would want to find an artist that specializes in realism. These things do matter when looking for a Atlanta tattoo studio. Not all studios house artists that can successfully apply every type of tattoo.

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Ask friends and family where they got tattooed at and if they would recommend you check them out. They could have had an amazing experience or a terrible one. Word of mouth is always the best when inquiring into anything. Checking out these recommended studios will also give you an idea of what they are capable of handling or what they might not specialize in.

Look at reviews online. There are tons of places you can find reviews: Google, Yelp, Facebook are some of the more popular sites. These reviews will be from complete strangers and will most of the time accompany photos, so you can see exactly what is going on in general at these tattoo studios. How the atmosphere was, if it was easy to park, maybe free wi-fi. All these smaller details in the reviews is what leads to a great experience or a so so experience.

Visit the studio! Go in and simply look around. Look at the in studio portfolios. Say HI. This will give you a chance to, well, firstly find the location. Once inside you can get a feel for the studio. Are the people friendly, do the in studio portfolios and the online portfolios match, is it clean? Most tattoo studios have a front person who runs the appointments. Ask this person about their appointment policies and ask if they do free consults with the Atlanta tattoo artist.

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Schedule a consult. Sometimes you might get lucky and the artist you want to talk to isn’t busy, but if he or she is you can schedule a consult. This is about 15 minutes to talk to the artist about the design you are wanting to get. Depending on the design a consult may not be needed, but the studio can inform you at the time of inquiry.

And finally the last thing to do is book that appointment. You can read HERE how to book an appointment with us here at Gate City Tattoo. Keep in mind every studio is different on their appointment policies. The majority of studios will require a retainer or drawing deposit that is non-refundable, but does come off the final cost of the tattoo. Think of it as a down payment.

Once you get your tattoo and it is better than you could have ever imagine, leave a review! Let others know about your experience, show the tattoo, brag on the Atlanta tattoo studio. There is someone out there looking for that amazing experience you just had.

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