How To Heal Your New Tattoo | Atlanta Tattoo Studio | Atlanta Tattoo Artist

Awesome!! You finally got that new tattoo you have been planning and telling all your friends about. Now what? Now you have to heal it. Make it look as good as the day it was tattooed for the REST OF YOUR LIFE because tattoos are, well, permanent.


Here at Gate City Tattoo we will provide you with what you need to get the healing process started. While you fill out your consent form, we ask if you have any questions up front about healing your tattoo. While you get tattooed our Atlanta tattoo artists are more than happy to answer any questions along the way.


Once your tattoo is completed, we will send you home with a seal foil package of a Vitamin A&D ointment and a small card (that fits in your wallet - how convenient) with the written healing instructions.

Some important reminders when healing tattoos:

  1. Do not soak the tattoo! This means no swimming, baths, or hot tubs for the first 2 weeks. It is perfectly fine to shower and yes, please shower. Submerging your tattoo in a bath, while swimming or in a hot tub can cause serious damage during the first 2 weeks.
  2. The sun is bad for your tattoo. A sunburn on a new tattoo can cause a lot of problems. The sun will dry out your tattoo and cause it to form a scab which can cause the tattoo to fade or scar before it's even healed. Wait until your tattoo is fully healed before going back into direct sunlight or tanning beds. After your tattoo is healed make sure you apply a high quality sunblock when in direct sunlight or in a tanning bed help sustain the life of the colors in the tattoo. Over time, excessive exposure to sunlight and tanning beds will cause your tattoo to fade. Keep your tattoo protected from the sun at all times. NEVER apply sunblock to a healing tattoo.
  3. Remember that hands and feet reproduce skin cells much faster than other parts of the body. A tattoo in these areas will require extra care for healing. During the healing process, refrain from hand washing dishes, wearing gloves, or wearing socks and shoes. Any friction of this type will wear away the tattoo in a short amount of time. Tattoos in these areas are almost never guaranteed.


Once you leave our downtown Atlanta tattoo studio we recommend you leave the bandage we provide on for 2 hours. After 2 hours hand wash your tattoo using lukewarm water and antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. DO NOT USE A WASH CLOTH OR ANY ABRASIVE MATERIAL. After washing, pat your tattoo dry using a clean paper towel. Allow an extra 5-10 minutes for your tattoo to dry further before applying any ointments or lotions. You should wash your tattoo no more than 4 times daily applying ointment or unscented hand lotion (you may use coco butter as well) after each wash and as needed for dryness. Take care that you are using very thin layers of ointment and lotion on your tattoo (if you skin can not breathe, your skin can not heal). Use the ointment for no more than 4 days, then switch to an unscented hand lotion. Your tattoo should take no more than 2 weeks to heal. If your tattoo is taking longer than to weeks to heal, please contact the studio.


We want you to be successful in healing your permanent art! There is no reason you shouldn't be successful in the healing process. We provide you with ALL the tools.

You should ALWAYS check with your tattooer and the shop you got tattooed in for their preferred method to healing their tattoos. Every tattoo shop is different, just like every tattoo artist is different.

We can't wait to see your for your next tattoo.