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1. Go In Sober

You might laugh, but seriously GO IN SOBER! We know the idea of having drinks or whatever before hand might seem like a good idea, but really it isn't. Not only will most reputable studios refuse to tattoo you (and you can loose your deposit) if they can tell you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. OH and did we mention, IT'S ILLEGAL. Not only is it a bad idea, but it can also be bad for your tattoo and end up being MORE painful.

It's important to note products like alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, Tylenol can thin your blood. These blood thinning agents can can make the tattooing process longer due to the ink not taking as properly. You should also consider how these agents like alcohol and coffee/energy drinks will affect your ability to sit still for longer periods of time. If you have any questions about anything talk to your Atlanta tattoo artist.


2. Drink Lots Of Water

Hydration is key.. to well, everything. Our Atlanta tattoo artists have bottles of water available for our clients. Just ask!


3. Eat A Full Meal

Going through the tattooing process can burn a lot of calories for you (as well as the artist), so make sure you a full meal at least 3 hours before you start. Eating foods high in protein and carbohydrates will help you from getting “the shakes”, fainting or even vomiting. Not only will these foods help create a longer lasting stamina for you and they will help your body deal with the rush of endorphins.

Increase your consumption of foods that contain vitamin C, such as citrus fruits and sweet vegetables i.e sweet potato, cauliflowers, broccoli once your tattoo is completed. These can aid the body in tissue repair and tissue recovery processes.


4. Distractions Are Key

You don't want to be the distraction so here are somethings to help keep you distracted. Have a fully charged cell phone to play games on or surf social media. Headphones are key if you prefer to listen to your own music. Keep small snacks and water handy. Have a supportive friend come with you. Bring a book or magazine to read. Have a conversation with your tattoo artists, they have to sit there for the same amount of time too!

Make sure you check with your Atlanta tattoo studio to see what is allowed in their tattooing area. Some studios don't allow phones, food or anyone who is not getting tattooed.


5. Take A Break

Don't be afraid to let your artist know you need a break, but use your break wisely. Some tattooing positions do get uncomfortable, let your artist know before just shifting around. All that hydrating may have you running to the restroom more than usual, and it's OK to stop for a bathroom break. If you feel like you might need a snack and your studio doesn't allow food in the tattooing area, ask for a 10 minute break to refuel yourself. Your artist wants your tattoo experience to be a good one and will help you through your experience if you let them.


6. Know How To Care For Your Tattoo

Every studio is different. Make sure you have asked ALL the questions you have about how to heal your tattoo. Your studio should provide you with a verbal and written set of healing instructions.


You can find our healing instructions HERE.

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